Post Apocalyptic Earth

From coast to coast, town to town. The end has come, now gather round. Hear the stories of those now dead, then tell their tales. So there is no need again, to gather round.

TerraVivos bunkers

I found out about this through Bethblog, this is off of  TerraVivos website. I hope that everyone enjoys this. I will update the site some more in a little bit, just be patient.

You and your loved ones are invited to survive the next earth devastating catastrophe, terrorist or nuclear attack.  Vivos is the life assurance solution for your family, to survive for up to one year in an autonomous, hardened and nuclear blast proof, underground shelter. We invite you to join us and a community of 200 people, as a co-owner of the Vivos survival shelter complex closest to your home area from our planned network of 20 shelters.  Where else would you go with just a few days' notice? 

You cannot predict, but you can prepare for the immediate future and beyond.

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