Post Apocalyptic Earth

From coast to coast, town to town. The end has come, now gather round. Hear the stories of those now dead, then tell their tales. So there is no need again, to gather round.

What is the PAEverse?

Well that's simple, the PAEverse is the PAE mainsite which you are now on. The PAEForums as well as the PAEBlog. These three sites make up the PAEverse, one day they will be better integrated along the lines of which is another great place to go for PA. If you have any question's you can email me at [email protected]

Are you PA?

In Russia there are Fallout LARPer's, they get together and pretend they are in the world of Fallout. Now this may seem a little strange, but I do suggest that people look into doing things like this. Of course you need not use a game as the basis, rather you should with a group of like minded people, try to create a environment that you think would be like the end of the world. Or just dress in a bunch of PA looking clothes, have some weapons, and go out into the forest or abandoned areas and have some fun. Get a feel for your equipment and try to figure out what you will need, and what you will want to carry around. Make little PA cities and "trade" there like its all real. Just remember though, it's all just pretend!!

What to expect here

Some of the things we talk about here is going to be gloomy, others strange, and others mildly disturbing. Just remember though that a lot of the people here believe that the end of the global civilization event is coming, and coming fast. And we hope that you will join us and help build the community, we are in need of knowledgeable people to help people out in many different aspects of survival, firearms, blades, shelter, and many other things. If you have any knowledge you should still join up, and learn a few things.


Once there was a time when we feared what would come out of the sky. Now we are just afraid if we are going to be able to pay for our big screen TV's. Though once again the bunker crazy is coming back, it isn't strong. But you can be protected, all you need to do is actually spend the money to protect yourself and your family.

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